We wish to be the organisation "for the people", "by the people" and "of the people". A diverse workplace is one that makes us one, regardless of what we are doing or what we do for the business, we equally involve in and seek support from our employees in all areas of the workplace. The "all areas" part is important to us. We don’t believe in 'tokenism' but diversity with genuine inclusion. At Motherson Technology Services inclusive workplace is just not about employee's presence, rather it’s a diversity of employee’s involvement, development, empowerment, and trust by the business.

Age Diversity

Diversity brings intellectual and social capital in a workplace. It creates a mix of different strengths and perspectives of inexperienced workforce and experienced workforce, ultimately, we gain the benefits of diversity of thought. Diversity results in better decision making, problem solving and innovation.

Ethnic Diversity we are fully committed to focus and increase and ethic/culture representation. By involving employees from all walks of life to be part of Motherson Group.

Diversity in Abilities Everyone is 'ABLE' and the fundamental element for diversity is to thrive, we are an advocate of "EEO" as it aids us to reduce potential barriers that may prevent us from reaching out to groups and individuals who have the potential to add value to our organisation.

Educational Diversity We look for potential and passion in employees regardless of what their academics is. It fairly important for us that employees excel and learn in what they chose to do. We encourage employees to follow their passion and not be restricted to a rule book.

Gender Diversity

we are fully committed in creating a gender friendly workplace. Women are assets to us and gradually we are putting efforts to make Motherson Technology Services an ideal workplace. Over the period of time women leaders have become a centrifugal force for good in the organisation.

Giving Back to Society

We are a focused organisation who believe in "giving back to society". Our CSR activity through the year helps us to achieve this dream where we nourish, nurture, and contribute in the lives of young children who are the future of this world and also in the lives of "old and grey" who already gave their services.

Motherson Technology Services CSR activities are much aligned to promote and support activities and groups who work towards a greener, organic, healthier, and sustainable environment.

Message from CEO Our Employee Value Proposition is about defining the essence of our organisation – how we are unique and what we stand for. These are the unique set of perks we offer to our employees which ensures their growth and development both professionally and personally in sync with the industry.


We provide a corporate culture which aims at providing opportunities for career growth across all the businesses and geographies. Employee career planning and growth mapping is of high significance for us.


Our ecosystem provides employees with clarity of role, enables, and encourages decision making, ensures alignment to organization and facilitates each employee to succeed.


We have a culture of encouraging and supporting meritocracy wherein the advancement and rewards are based on performance and merit, through a fair and transparent process.

Learning Environment

Vibrant learning environment has helped us to unleash our full potential. A weather that ensures employees continuously upgrades their capability to perform well today as well as are ready for the future.

Innovation & Creativity

We are an organization that provides challenging roles, assignments and projects that ensure scope for innovation and creativity. Environment that encourages out of the box thinking.

Trust & Respect

Employees are treated with dignity and respect irrespective of their roles, hierarchical status, or other considerations.